Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A note from the boss.

Hi there. This is Kaiya. I figured since this blog is named after me it's about time I said my peace. See the little guy at the bottom of the picture? That's my brother, CJ. Gosh I love him. It's great to have someone I can blame stuff on now. For some reason my rents looked at me a little skeptically when I tried to explain that he had knocked all the toys off on the floor, not me. I'll give it a few more years and then they'll go for it I'm sure. My favorite thing to do with him is give him bottles. At least, besides holding him, that's all I get to do now. For some reason my daddy freaked when I tried to move CJ to his new bed. It was on these weird shelf thingys that daddy and his friend made for my room to put my toys on and I thought it would be a good idea if brother got a view from a bit higher. I had set up his little bed on the shelf and was just about to move him when daddy lost it. I got that speech again, about how brother is a baby and can't do things like lay on a shelf ten feet off the air. Parents. Sheesh.
Other than that I'm pretty good. I busted my chin though on the desk. You see I had made a spaceship out of a box of wipes and a brown paper bag (creative? I know! aren't I? thanks...) only the spaceship didn't take off like it was supposed to and I crash landed into the edge of the desk. It hurt but man did I get a good reaction out of them. Especially mommy. She is such a sucker for those kinds of things. I bet you anything I can milk it for a good several days. I just can't wait to teach brother all this stuff. I think I'll make a list. Or maybe I'll figure out how to open that camera on the computer and make a best of DVD. After all, I was born in 2007 you know, gotta stay up with the times. Oh no I hear my mom coming, they tend to freak when I'm near the computer. Something about it costing fifteen hundred. I don't know how much that is but it sounds like a whole lot of suckers, and I want to keep that supply coming so I'll talk to you later when I get a chance. Bye bye!


  1. I'm loving this Kaiya post. You should let her near the computer more often :)

  2. Kaiya, I hope your chin is better soon. And btw, you and your little bro are adorable.

  3. Kaiya!!! I have been waiting so long to hear from you. You and your brother are adorable. Give your mom and dad lots of kisses and try not to hurt yourself. I look forward to your future posts.

  4. I won't tell your mom you're on the computer again if you'll pass me a couple of suckers.

    Let's keep both on the QT. Shhhhhhhh.......


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