Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kaiya on PETA. (People eating tasty animals).

Hi all, this is Kaiya again. Oh don't worry, I have permission this time. You see my mom loves getting nifty little comments and she is shameless so she decided to let me post some, how about them apples? Mmm... apples. One of my favorite foods. Like grapes and cheese. And I'm done. My mom would love to complain about my eating habits but if you knew her in real life you'd already be going: HA! Because she eats like a toddler too so she can't say much. I gave it some real thought though, the whole vegetarian thing, because well cows are pretty. But they are also tasty. So. Sorry mom! Good luck with that and all but pass the hamburger I say. Geeze already, where is grandpa, what does a kid have to do to get some meat around here!! Did she tell you the story about my first chicken nugget (I tried to check with her, but she muttered something about baby brother turning her brain into pea soup so she has no idea if she did or not...) you see I was playing in the park with a friend and he had this fantastic gold nugget in his hand. I mean, what was this wonderful thing that I had never seen before? I'm not proud of the next part, but it simply had to be done. I tackled the lad and stole his chicken nugget. My guilt was washed over with the deep fried goodness in my mouth. I thought: note to self, learn this kids' name and constantly cry for him because he comes bearing MEAT. Or better yet, I'll just need to cry for Pa pa, (that's grandpa) because he loves meat too. He did make up a vegetarian version of "this little piggie goes to the market" but seriously? "This little tofu goes to the market..." soooo does not sound right now does it? I mean aren't you picturing Sponge Bob marching off to the store? So here I go: Pa Pa! Pa Pa! Pa Pa! SHOW ME THE BEEF!


  1. I can't help but think that Kaiya tackling some poor little dude eating his lunch is hilarious.

    Sorry Momma. I'm with Kaiya on this one. Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder. :)

  2. Oh Kaiya, you are hilarious and I will share a piece of meat with you any day. You won't even have to tackle me for it. But it wouldn't hurt to eat some veggies too!

  3. LOL Chicken nuggets and burgers are tasty!


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