Sunday, November 1, 2009

White boy take your order?

News Story: ..a proposed minimum wage of $17 an hour...

Hubby: Who-hoo! McDonald's here I come. For seventeen bucks I can press little pictures of hamburgers.

Me: Hun, nice try, you'd be in the back on the grill.

Hubby: Nuh-uh. I can count money so that puts me on the register baby!

Me: (thinking for a second) Plus you speak English.

Hubby: Yup. That's always a plus too.


  1. My youngest brother (a vegetarian) worked at McDonald's for 2 weeks, they paid him pretty well...though not $17/hr. That would make me rethink my college education.

  2. For 17 bucks, I would do a lot, flip burgers, pick fruit, clean toilets.
    You and Hubby are hilarious.

  3. I would so work at mcdonalds with a smile for that much money an hour.

  4. @ Maria- I like to blame MIckey Ds on my vegginess. I worked there for five years during high school and my freshman year and that was the year I became a vegetarian. I switched to Taco Bell though and that might have done the trick a bit more though.


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