Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back to work, and stuck in Cry-Land

It can be hard when you're at a completely different place then your spouse. Or maybe the same place but you have different feelings about it so one of you may as well be in Siberia for the way it feels. This week is my second back at work and after two months at home I was quite excited to get to escape the house for a bit. Not that I don't dearly love my colicky up-all-hours of the night baby and rambunctious, very hyper, two-year-old. I do. Immensely. I just also love peace and quiet. When I came back in and saw the mountain of paperwork, files, and just random junk on my desk you know what I thought? Yipee! What I can only imagine are thousands of emails that will take a solid week to sift through? Bring it on! The good hours worth of voice mail messages to listen to? Oh can I, really? Please? Yeah!!! And in a deep booming voice: thank you sir, can I have another?
What's the other side of the coin you ask? Picture a grown man weeping with a new born crying at the top of his lungs and a toddler screaming for CANDY! Not to mention added to the din are three very whiny cats and two very noisy chickens. Yes chickens, baby ones that are growing wayyy too fast.
I am hoping we adjust soon. A couple of weeks ago we initiated Operation: torture CJ by keeping him up after five pm. This was to hopefully change his schedule so he sleeps at night instead of all day long. It went so-so. We didn't always make it till 9. Usually 8, or sometimes 8:30. It did seem to make for a slightly better night. It back-fired on us one night though because though we had kept him up he still stayed up all night long. But no. He is not sleeping through the night. I think the next person that asks me that may be in trouble. I have a hard time not shooting them my: what are you stupid? look. And I'm tempted to say: no, but my two-year-old finally is so thanks for asking. He does sleep for good three, sometimes almost four hour chunks though, so at least that is something. And despite just waking up a couple of times he will mostly sleep through so we are certainly very close.
Over the last few weeks we have finally solidified a nice solid bed-time routine for Kaiya which seems to be doing wonders. Of course I heard everyone saying put her on a schedule but one thing after another would come up and we never got it done. All I can say is this is the best idea since sliced bread! (Was that an idea? Maybe it was an accident?)


  1. God, I hated that question: Is he sleeping through the night yet? Evan didn't until 3.5, so I pray you don't have one of those. But at least it wasn't as bad as my friend who's daughter had her nights and days mixed up for like the first three months. And her hubby wouldn't help much because he had work, but they had a school age daughter that needed to be driven around, dropped off and picked up. I don't know how she did it.

    Good luck! I'm sure everyone will adjust well enough soo.

  2. Why do we always ask that question? And why do people who have naturally good sleepers think they know how to fix bad sleepers? Yay for Kaiya and her new bed time routine! Glad it's working. :)

    About everything else? Don't worry! It'll get better. It will.


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