Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas with a cookie.

Kaiya and I went to our church's Christmas pageant and cookie party. We have been hit or miss with shows and her paying attention to them. The neighborhood play we went to that had one of her favorite people in the whole wide world in it? Yeah. She could have cared less. She loves our neighbor and had fun going up to her afterwards but during it Kaiya was more interested in playing with some pals. I thought, well maybe it was because we got there late and were far away? After all she loved the Wiggles! Of course she had front row seats and still tried to get closer by crawling up on the stage. So I decided to break out of the norm and sit in the front row. Now I have to say that is a hard thing for this back-row baptist girl but I managed. I twitched a little. (Always with the twitching, you say?) It started out great with the littlest ones staggering up. One flopped down and started writhing on the ground for no apparent reason. Another had to go potty. I really tried to keep the laughter hushed but I couldn't which made Kaiya laugh. And her laugh? Well let's just say I aptly named this blog because it is this all-out belly laugh that warms your heart. (For you Facebookers these posts come from my blog Kaiya's Laughter Heals...) Once I got her to quiet down the kids started singing and it was so sweet. She really hung in there too and seemed to enjoy some of it. It helped that most of the kids she recognized since she is fascinated with big kids and chases after them every chance she gets. Then we went to the cookie party and I had to smile at our resident church matriarch who gave stern instructions to the kids to only take three cookies at first. I dutifully obeyed and wanted to whisper to one little lad: run! When I saw him walking by her with a towering plate of cookies. As we sat and ate Kaiya held up her cookie, I think to admire it, and shouted out: cookie! The little boy next to us looked up at me and said: I've never heard her use real words before. I just looked at him and tried not to growl while I ate another bite of brownie.

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  1. It sounds like fun! I wouldn't be too upset with the little boy; he probably doesn't have little siblings.


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