Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have this friend from high school. We had known each other a while but I think it was around our junior year that different things were going on in both of our lives and we suddenly started hanging out a ton. This friend was fantastic. I loved that I could have fun with her. I loved that I could also have a serious discussion and then bounce right back to having fun again. Though we didn't always pick the moments quite right. One night we were determined to watch a goofy movie. We even marched into the video store with every intent of walking out with something Adam Sandlerish. For some odd reason we settled on Usual Suspects. I think maybe we thought it was a comedy for some reason? I remember we were both groaning when we realized it was one of those movies that made you think. One of us even quipped that it was making her head hurt. But we kept watching. By the end of it we were on the edge of our seats. And I think that was one of the best things she ever taught me... to just roll with it. Then I moved away and I've only seen this dear friend like twice in the last ten years or so. But then I discovered she had a blog! Now I have two real life friends who blog and, ahem, the first one has abandoned hers.... geeze woman I miss ya... come back! ... But I digress. So go check out my friend's blog: Me in Life. Because it is super cute. For someone who was incredible wise at 18 she has just grown even more and I am looking forward to catching up on it.


  1. Oh my! I think their are tears in my eyes!! Just to set the record straight- I always thought you were the wise one!!

  2. Don't worry, there are like three people who read this besides family and church friends. But hey! Maybe you'll get my three loyal readers too, eh?


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