Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A great book!

First off, in no way, shape or form am I being paid for this. I'm not brave enough to try that and figure I would run off the three people that read this blog regularly. A friend gave us this book for Kaiya and she is so in love with it. It's called: Where's Dave? By Roger Priddy. What's great is it has a few different things to do in it. One nice feature is some textured pieces, sort of like the ol' "that's not my dinosaur" books. Each page you are supposed to try and find the dinosaur and I thought that might be too difficult for her since she's not yet three and it says for three and up but she could spot him on each page even with just a bit of his tail or what not. Each page has a little safety message as well, while a couple are silly they are flagged in a little box and Kaiya insists on pointing to each box so that we read them. She will then nod very solemnly and repeat the gist, like: hot stove! Or no cars! Then, the best part of all, at the very end of the book it folds open to four times this cover size to a giant picture of the dinosaur Dave. Kaiya genuinely gets excited and delighted to find Dave. Each time. I know it's not just my kid because the sweet lady who gave us the book was telling me how she had read it to her granddaughter before wrapping it up and the next day her daughter was asking her: where is that book?? She loves it!!! So, this is definately my recommendation for toddlers this year as it is quite enjoyable-- that is if you can stand to read it five hundred times. We seriously have to read it every. single. night. But, there really could be worse books to have to do that with.... and probably better ones too... maybe someday I'll get her a toddler bible or something like that but until then we will be hunting dutifully for Dave each night.


  1. That sounds awesome. I'll have to get it for Sean. And toddler Bibles are extremely hard to find, except around Easter.

  2. Oh, I'm going to have to check it out! I started reading to Put Pie right away and her first favorite book was by Roger Priddy. She was so tiny and she would smile as soon as I opened the book.


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