Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? Christmas

After scrambling for a last-minute shopping trip I then set out to wrap the goodies. Of course I had to wait until all the creatures stopped stirring so it was O' Dark Thirty (one of my sister's phrases from her stint in the Air Force) before I even got started and even darker thirtier when I was done. It actually didn't take that long to wrap the few presents I had gotten for our nieces and nephews as half of them I decided to hold off on in case we ended up getting something different. But then I started wrapping up presents for a friend and since I wanted to make them look pretty it took way too long. Needless to say I was grumpy the next morning. I had bought a pretty dress for Kaiya to wear and we already had a little reindeer sweater for CJ. (Hubby insists it is a moose. But I say reindeer. And I have the blog.) The kids were all decked and merry but their grumpy momma was not so much. I actually managed to throw together a cute little outfit but probably should have dressed up my heart a little better, if you know what I mean. So I am screaming at Kaiya to "sit down!" as people are glancing over nervously while belting out a Christmas carol. I then corralled them both into the cry room. It was mostly just us, as another tired mommy kept popping in but her little one was dragging her all over kingdom come. So I sang so loud I was practically shouting. "As the deep cries out to deep.." They then announced that they needed a helper with the kids. It wasn't so much God nudging me to offer to help, but more like a gigantic, heavenly, boot up my rear. Like He was all: OK grumpy girl--now get in that room and hug some babies!! At first I got to play in Kaiya's room. Kaiya had a suspicious look at first, no doubt wondering if I was there to take her home for some reason but then she warmed to the idea. Probably vaguely remembering when I taught her class about eight months ago. A little boy who belongs to the pastor that married us looked up at me with wide eyes filled with wonder as I told them about baby Jesus. Another worker then came in carrying CJ and so we swapped out and I went to sit with the babies after nursing him. Parents chit-chatted and the babies crawled and slobbered over everything not nailed down. Ok, they drooled on that stuff too.
Meanwhile Kaiya's class had gone outside and so when I went back by her classroom and realized it needed to be picked up I was thankful to glance out and see her playing with some older boys who always watch out for her. I did a very hurried job but then we were off marching home. Kaiya must have hurt her hand at some point and she embarked on a fantastic hour and a half whining spell. But she looked cute. Like a little red ornament. So. Merry.... stop crying already, you'll wake up brother!.... Christmas. I hope you and yours have a fantastic one. We may try and go to a Christmas Eve service with my parents tonight. Or we may just hang out with family. Family. Gifts from Him. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  1. Nothing like the Christmas spirit of dealing with young offspring. When I'm in those moods, I just can't take them to church because I know I'll say "So help me God, I will kill this child." Not pleasant in a church setting.


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