Friday, December 18, 2009

Spilt Gold

Whoever said there's no use crying over spilt milk couldn't have meant breast milk. If they did then they must have never breastfed or realize how important it is. As the saying goes we consider it "liquid gold" in our house. So when I was in a rush to catch the bus and knocked over half a bottle I about bawled.

Now I get the gist of the phrase. There is no point in being upset and wasting energy on something that can't be undone. All you can really do is mop up the mess and move on. This is simple enough with managable problems like being late for work. Apologize. Stay another hour. Take on an extra assignment for your boss. But what about when it is spilt gold and not milk? Like when your mom is diagnosed with cancer or when your church has to have prayer meetings because everyone is under siege- many with painful illnesses.

When the only mop you have is a prayer. And I have a harder time using an invisible mop than I do a solid one. I want to feel the wood grain in my hand and I want to physically push something. I know prayer works. I have seen it. I remember being broke in college and needing a very specific sum of money and I prayed that morning for help. Before I could even call my parents to borrow money an old check from my summer job came in the mail for the EXACT amount I needed. And that is just one of hundreds of stories in my own life of God's faithfulness to me.

Maybe I just need to remember he is good and I will start to feel the mop I can't see a bit more. Or maybe it is more like I am Kaiya-- trying desperately to clean up my own mess but only making it worse with my clumbsy little hands. Maybe sometimes I need to be more like CJ and just cry out. Wait to be cared for. Wait on Him to clean me up, my family, my church and my town. When God picks up our spilt gold we can trust He is going to make something beautiful with it.


  1. I remember spilling breastmilk or worse accidentally leaving a bottle out and it going bad!! Oh! The agony over how much it was just to get that little amount!!

    I think God will make gold with you because you are honest with Him and that is all he needs.

  2. It's so hard to let God take control. We're logical, responsible adults that can fix this (damnit). I think we must amuse Him in our attempts to control and He will always help us.

  3. I can't tell you how many times I uttered the same phrase over spilt breast milk.

    May your prayers be answered.

  4. okay I must be soppy today because that post brought tears to my eyes. very well put!

    Happy Holidays to you!


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