Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two blogs that might hurt your head

I posted about my friend's blog the other day because I was oh so excited a friend from real life has a mommy blog like mine. Then I started to think about the other person I know who has a blog. You see my daddi-o has had a blog for a while and I think it didn't occur to me to post about it because it is a thinking blog. Which of course is silly, I've always said there are mothers who think deeply about issues. I am not sure I fit into that category yet as I'm still waiting on the return of my brain that the two little ones grabbed in tuffs on their way out. My dad's blog seriously makes my head hurt sometimes but it's a good kind of hurt. That growing kind, you know? It reminds me of the times when I was younger and heard him talking about such things and got me a-thinking. It is a bit political, as that is his point, so embark if you dare. Wandering Grandpa. Because he is a grandpa. And he wanders. :)
And then my other favorite man, and the love of my life, decided to start a blog. Which I am extremely greatful for because he is always telling me I should blog such and such and I look at him with one eyebrow raised and think to myself: oh you really don't know my audience! But other times he has really funny stuff to add. His is a bit political also, but I'm not sure yet if that is an occasional thing or what. He is always philosophical so I guess it would be best to describe it as a philosophical blog. And it also hurts my head. Seriously if you read the first post I want you to think: man, it must suck to get in an argument with him! And then send me a smiley face in my comments. Oh ok, I'm kidding. Hubby really is my most favorite person to talk to and now it's kind of fun to have his blog to read as well. His is aptly named: SoapBox Socrates.
So if you need a break from mommy blogs here are two for your perusal, hope you enjoy!
Oh and have a safe, happy new year my friend. We will likely be up too, but just not for the same reasons as the rest of the world. And to all the parents out there with new babies this season, yay! Maybe we'll get a glimpse of the ball dropping during one of the feedings or- even better- maybe we'll be sleeping through it!!!


  1. Well I slept through the ball dropping in NYC, but awoke in time to see the enchilada drop from the Tower of the Americas (or whatever it was they did). Or maybe I awoke when the volume of fireworks outside increased slightly. Either way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-)>

  2. Those sound like awesome blogs. I'll totally have to check them out.
    And my husband, too, gives me writing suggestions. It can get a little annoying.

  3. Court they sound like great blogs. I will check them out tomorrow. I love the new design. I have been missing for a while but keeping up with blogging is something I really would love to do this year!



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