Friday, December 4, 2009

The way Kaiya says it.

I snuggled down to watch the President talk about troops and tried to pretend I'm a real adult who pays attention to stuff like that. (I used to. Then I was dealing with an invasion of my own called Kaiya and CJ and it's all I can do to get some diapers changed and hopefully remember to brush my teeth before I go to work.) I turned to her as she plopped down on the couch beside me and I said: President! President. President? Which is the normal way I try to teach her a new word. So she said: present? I thought, close enough, though some might not agree. YOU try getting her to say three syllables. She drastically shortened her aunt's name this weekend but luckily my sis-in-law was way cool about it and thought it was cute. Then when I started writing this little jaunt into our daily life she asked her ever favorite: what are you doing? This is like Kaiya's version of why, why, why, why... you see. She will ask you what you are doing, I kid you not, a thousand times if you let her. My sister just asks her what she's doing back and that seems to work sometimes. Other times I just ignore her. But I decided to answer so I said: I'm writing my blog. Can you say blog? Blog. Blog. And she said: bug? Yup. Close enough. But then, in crystal clear high-pitched little two-year-old girl voice: I LOVE YOU! So. My job is done. Who ares if she can't say blog or president? My kid can tell me she loves me and that is enough for me. Now we just got to start on CJ...

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