Thursday, December 10, 2009


My husband is good at surprises. Last year he surprised me with fire. This year he surprised me with more Christmas lights and putting up our tree. It is generally understood that the Christmas decorating is my area. Simply because I care way too much about it and while I think he likes them he probably could care less if we skipped a year. For me, skipping a year is when I don't put up all the garland, ornaments, lights and ribbons we have. Like this year. I had resigned myself to doing it late and not as much. After all, there is quite a bit going on in our lives so it seemed reasonable to just chill a bit. Plus, I am still learning the sacrifice of parenting. Hubby is better at that than I am. It's like he just gives and gives and keeps giving. Me I tend to hit my limit and balk and then think: geeze girl, why are you so selfish? Let go already! So when I dragged out my tiny table top tree that I had from college and I was fully intending to take it to work with me until she saw me. Kaiya's eyes lit up as she pointed to it and started to get all excited. I handed it over, only a little bit mournful, but that went away when she started hopping up and down screeching: "MY TREE!!" It was a wonder none of the tiny ornaments went flying off.
Anyway, back to my surprise. He had told me that he had a surprise for me, well two and that the second was going to take a bit of setting up (in that he had to dash inside and turn on the lights on the tree) and that I would wait in the car with the kiddos for a second while he did that. So as we drove down the street he asked: what's that? Is that more lights? I couldn't see at first because the neighbor's car was parked funny but then I saw he had put up more lights along the rest of the front of the house. YAY! Then when I came inside I saw our little tree all set up with a strand of lights on it. It melted my heart. Between a collicky baby and a tenacious toddler I was beginning to think I would be putting up the tree Christmas Eve. He then informed me that if I wanted it decorated I could enlist my daughter for that detail. I am figuring since she is a bit older she will be decidedly more into this year. Last year I would hand her the ornaments and she all but rolled her eyes. Either way, I got my tree, yay!

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  1. Yea! It's nice to know I'm not so behing. Though you do have a baby, an excuse.


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