Friday, January 8, 2010

5, 6, 7, 8... MONDAY!!

How did your first Monday of 2010 go? Hmmm..... Let's see.... I was late. Of course. And then Tuesday came. There I was, with forty minutes left and dressed and ready for once. I started to get all giddy thinking that maybe, just maybe I could actually be EARLY to work. Yipee!! And then I remembered. You see I had come home early Monday because CJ was throwing up his socks and had a slight fever and I was glad I did because Kaiya managed to get a golf-ball sized lump on her head and was needing mommy-time too. So I did not get my little handy-dandy reminder popping up on my computer screen "be an hour early tomorrow!" Because there was a meeting with the big boss. Like as in the CEO type boss. As I walked in a half-hour late and the guy who was at the sign-in desk quipped: "guess why he's yelling in there?" "Because I'm late??" I guessed. And then I asked which door entered in the back of the room. I had these visions of me throwing open the door on the stage or something but luckily the doors in the back of the room were also covered by a wall so yipee!
Still. I hate being late. And lately, I always am. I think it started when we decided to move right next to our church. We can walk to it and the minute we did that we were never on time again. Or it's that my immediate boss is very laid-back. Which is great. And I love it. But still, I hate being late. It stresses me out to no-end. So, I didn't think I was going to do a new-years resolution but now I got one: be on time for a whole month! Ok week... or maybe I should just try to make it on time today and go from there? Anyone have helpful tips on getting out the door with two little ones and two big grumpy, sleepy ones each morning? We are thinking if we pretend I have to be there twenty minutes earlier maybe I'll actually make it on time. It did seem to work on Thursday at least. Sheesh. At least it's Friday, whew!


  1. I started being late when I married my husband. He's always late, and if I have him along, so am I. It got to the point that the OB/BYN's office knew when I was bringing my husband before we even got there.

    So good luck!

  2. An hour. It took us an hour from beginning to stepping out the door this morning. LOL! I think, with time, and lots of practice...we'll only be 15 minutes late for everything instead of 45.

    I like that resolution. Let me know if you learn any good tips, yeah?

  3. I used to live across the street from school and I was always late. Always!

    Did I ever tell you that my daughter's middle name is Kaia?

  4. I never used to be late until I had kids, either. Or messy. Or disorganized. Or...spacey.


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