Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aaaaah! 30.

Guess who is 30 today? Sigh. 2010 is going to be a great year though! I just know it!! And my nephew told me that I'm not 30 I'm "20, 10." Which I agree. I do like that better. And I'm 20 10 in 2010. Cool.
Happy birthday brother. Hope it's a good one for you! (I had this long conversation with a friend of mine who is also a twin about how it sort of stinks to have to share everything including birthdays but then as I was talking I realized that is just not true. It is sooooo cool to share a birthday and to be a twin!) And happy birthday to my new work-twin. I recently discovered a co-worker has a birthday today too. So yay to all the January 3rds out there!


  1. Happy 20,10 birthday to you court!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Happy 29th Birthday, again.
    I'm only seven months younger. Yea, thirty!


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