Friday, January 15, 2010

Mean guys?

We have been employing a judicious use of some words. Typically words that Kaiya understands to a deeper degree than other words. For example the word "mean." She really gets that one for the most part and she gets the concept of "not mean." Usually when we say something is "not mean" she follows with the question: good guy? But I realized the other day that with her concept of mean comes a bit of fear. Like when the cats are "mean" it usually means they just swatted at her. Now, our cats are the most patient cats in the world and they will endure quite a good amount of abuse from our wee one but even they have their limits. Like when she put one in a headlock the other day and dragged the poor thing around the whole house while Hubby was trying to go potty. One day the police helicopter was circling overhead and normally we go running out to look at the helicopter but as it was dark and they were circling quite close I told her no. Which of course I had to explain so I said they were looking for mean guys and we couldn't go outside in case the mean guy got us. The next five times she heard a helicopter she would get worried and ask: "mean guys?" So enters the conundrum of how to teach her stranger danger without scaring the bejesus out of her. How did you teach your little one to not go running out of the house at eight o'clock at night when the police could be chasing an axe-murderer?


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  2. A little fear won't hurt her. It might just keep her safe. I just told Evan that he was not allowed to go with any one who was not family. He wasn't suppose to talk to strangers without Mommy or Daddy near. He wasn't allowed to take candy or toys from a stranger unless he asked us first. I think stranger danger is easy to talk about. I just had my first "not ok touches" talk with Evan and that was hard.

  3. Oh man I don't know. I think my parents over did it with me because I was always fearful...good luck!


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