Monday, January 4, 2010

The Potty Diaries

December 2008: Grandma give us some underwear for Kaiya and announces she is not buying any more diapers for her. This is the first time I even start to think about potty training. I decide to procrastinate for several more months.

Late Spring 2009: Oh Geeze. Hmmm.... do I potty train her first or do I wean her? Hmmm... about to leave to go on vacation with hubby for a week so I guess wean her. Stinks to be my parents and sister. Could I be so lucky? Maybe they'll potty train her for me?

Summer 2009: Some sporatic John Travolta potty dance routines occur when she pees, and then when she has her first poop we appropriately go beserk. But there is no routine and we keep debating the merits of potty training her before baby comes.

Fall 2009: The window has passed as baby CJ comes. We decide to wait another month since everyone tells us she will regress. Occasionally she does go but it is more like a game. A game with pee and poop, ewww gross, as she says.

Early Winter 2009: Mommy starts Operation Potty Train. The one soldier that is really effective is a cheesy video called "Potty Power." See the image above? It really is THAT bad, but at this point we are willing to do whatever it takes.

Later on in Early Winter 2009: Mommy then pulls out the big guns and gets an Elmo potty book complete with a giant poster and stickers for each day. She is supposed to put the stickers on the chart for every time she pees and poops. Really wish we had a camera so you can see the first week has two stickers on Friday. The second week has one on Tuesday and two on Thursday. And. That's it.

Holidays 2009: We have lost the first round. Child is still wearing diapers and now refuses to wear panties at all or even consider going to the bathroom. We figure it is stress and the fact that things are different what with all the visits to see family. We try to cajole her to be like her cousin who is a year older and has been peeing and pooping like a pro for a while now. Nothing doing. Maybe, just maybe 2010 will be more successful? Or maybe our child will be the only one still in diapers for kindergarten? Who knows. And just how big do they make these things anyway, diapers that is?


  1. That is the funniest story!! Uhmm, the video would make me not go potty at all!!

    We put books in the bathroom to keep our oldest there long enough to actually go. Our middle one I finally just put him in underwear knowing there would be accidents and told him how yucky it was that he pottied in his pants. He eventually got the idea, although it takes some cleaning and a very close eye to watch the carpet!!

    Something else I have seen done, take her every 15 min, playing or not playing, when she protests tell her that if she went on her own then you wouldn't have to take her so often. If she can and just isn't maybe this will help her. She won't feel the control anymore, since you will be in charge of when you take her. Well, good luck. Potty training is not my favorite thing!!

  2. She'll get there. My nephew came to visit and he was well over 3 and still in diapers with no desire to change. Then about a month later he was using the potty.

  3. It's a process. A long ass process. But you'll get there. We did the weekend thing, where we would sit him on the potty every hour (you're suppose to do two but he would pee his pants) and read him a story and let him up. On weekdays, I would just sit him on the pot in front of the TV with juice after a nap. It worked eventually. Though he pooped in diapers for a long time.

    I had a friend who did the same thing, and her daughter would be the moment she got off the potty.

    See. This is hard stuff. Good luck.


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