Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Round up 'em up.... RAWHIDE!

It's my turn this month to be the Sunday school cowgirl. By that I mean corralling the toddlers in the room. It leaves me wiped out to say the least and this past Sunday Hubby volunteered to watch the babies so we were both wiped out. When I asked him how CJ did he said: Honey, you wouldn't believe it! He is like a different child! He just sits there, isn't fussy at all and is crazy chill about everything. Of course he is. That way no one believes me. One of my family members was commenting on how we must be lying about him being fussy because he's always perfect around them. To which I was like, yeah, I'll be sure to call you at three in the morning some time so you get can make a more accurate assessment of the situation.
Anyway, this was the second Sunday that I taught in Kaiya's class. I wised up a little and didn't spend an hour preparing like last week. I mean, I tried. I really did. But it takes so much work just to get them all sitting down that when it comes to story time it's all I can do to get the ten sentences out. It is a fabulous time though to be in there room. All of these kids are blooming and suddenly playing like big kids with huge imaginations. They talk like big kids too and it's hard to remember them as babies anymore. It does wipe me out though. Here is to surviving!! And to more help! A sweet woman volunteered again this week which was so nice. It's hard enough to man-up (or girl-up) when you know you have to be in the herd of toddlers but when you just volunteer for it at the last minute I think that can be even harder sometimes. So yay her! And here's to surviving January! YEEE-HAW! (One of Kaiya's favorite phrases)


  1. To borrow from and paraphrase Bob Dole, "Quit lying about CJs record!"
    He's a perfect baby; ain't done me no harm.

  2. They're all like that. Sweet, innocent, and then BAM. It's enough to make a mom scream.


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