Saturday, January 23, 2010

Third time's the charm.

What is it with three? Or almost three? My baby girl has to hear things three times for some reason. Sometimes thirty. Like at the park: do not run off with the whole package of crackers. Do not run... and so forth. Will it continue? When she turns four will I have to say things four times? My favorite was as I put her down to bed a few nights ago: take your panties off before you put the diaper on. I was sort of frustrated I had to say that again. It was one of those things you wanted to say once, you know?
Is it that they like things to repeat? The way they can watch the same movie over and over and OVER?!? Or the same book? We've read "Where's Dave?" like 50 billion times now. I have the book memorized people! This should not happen.
Or is it as one online article I found suggest more an issue with me? Is it nagging? I know, I know, I probably shouldn't be seeking parental advice online... oh wait... too late. So what is the answer? Should I invest in a parrot? Get a mommy robot that records what I say and replays it over and over until she finally hears me? What do you do when kiddo isn't hearing you and what's your record number for repeating instructions?


  1. Are you kidding me? I can't even get my husband to hear me the first time I say anything.

  2. As a wee lad, my Mom would awaken us in the morning with a sing-songy "Wake up boys; this is the third time I've called you."
    I'm convinced these were the first words out of her mouth each morning.

  3. I often have to repeat myself. I hate it to. One mom I know, just says something once, gives a warning, and then the kid is in trouble. Sometimes I wonder if that would be better.
    Be careful with online parenting advice, especially from commentors. ;-)


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