Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update on the peeing everywhere...

Well potty training has actually been going pretty well I am happy to report! She still wears diapers at night but eventually we'll get a good mattress pad and let her start going without to see if she'll get up. The rest of the time she is actually wearing panties! This morning as soon as she woke up she asked to wear some so I think she's starting to realize they are a lot more comfortable than a bunchy, wet diaper. Of course now we have to get used to taking her potty, especially when we are going to do something like a thirty-minute boat-ride. We went on this little boat tour because she loves boats and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity since we were with some of her favorite family members who entertain her just by existing. And she seemed to like it for the first five minutes. But then came the: I get off boat? Everybody get off boat? I go running? I have to potty! And I was sort of expecting the last one because we had been playing for an hour or so already and right before the ride was to start I realized I should take her but didn't want to miss it. Luckily there was no accident this time and we managed to get off and get to the potty in time. The one thing that has helped is she absolutely hates having wet pants so this has motivated her to get to the potty on time. So yay for using the potty!!


  1. Ha ha. I like that she said she had to go running!

  2. Yay for using the potty!

    And yay for you winning a Tungsten ring in the giveaway I hosted. Send me your shipping info

  3. I'm going to have to start taking potty training notes. I did so well not thinking about it for the last three years...and yet here it is. Staring me in the face again with my second daughter.

    Enjoy all the time you have ahead of you with CJ in diapers!


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