Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aaah! Peas and carrots run for your lives!

Remember the great battle of the potty that occurred in Winter of '09? Well now get ready for the battle of veggies in early '10. ... and is anyone else weirded out that we are in year ten? or is it just me?...
When I was little I remember hearing that my mother had been awfully sneaky by putting some zucchini in the brownies. For months I was terrified that I would bite into what looked like a delicious cupcake only to find it chalk full of veggies. And gross ones at that, like mushrooms and spinach. And of course that was silly, because I had no earthly idea there were zucchinis in the brownies anyway. And now I understand.
Baby girl decided to launch out an all-out fit and not eat any of her veggies the other night. Of course it had to be at church. In front of everyone. So we took her home, which just about undid her since she loves church and playing with all her friends. I relented and brought her back and decided she would get no treats for the next day. It seemed to work because at the end of the following day I was able to get her to eat a half a cup of veggies. Then I had to get sneaky. Remember the pizza recipe I just shared? Well I snuck some veggies under the cheese. Of course Kaiya caught me at it and said: Hey! Me no like that! But she ate it. And I sighed, satisfied, as she had eaten another half cup of veggies for dinner. Guess it's time to call mom and get the zucchini brownies recipe.


  1. Don't know what MCN's recipe box contains, but the I-net's got plenty.

  2. OMG I totally wrote a post about how picky Evan is this week. I'm sorry if Kaiya caught it from Evan. But the advice the other parents gave me was relax, offer, let them refuse, move on, they'll grow out of it eventually. My mom has a kick ass recipe for chocolate chip zucchini bread if you want that. I have a kick ass banana bread recipe too if that helps.
    Good luck ;-)

  3. And, the food battles just go on and on!


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