Saturday, February 20, 2010

The first name game.

Kaiya asked me what my name was the other day. I braced myself, thinking: can I handle it if she wants to start calling me by my name instead of mommy, momma or mom? I answered her and then she asked what daddy's name was and I answered again. To my great relief she then came flying in with her new Buzz Lightyear toy and Buzz greeted us both by our first names. We both said "Hello, Buzz" back in all seriousness because the kid had this look on her face like: this here is my FRIEND and you BETTER be nice to him. I can tell she is going to be one of those loyal people. I am almost certain we will get called into the principle, or worse yet the pastors', office because she beat up some kid under some mis-guided notion to protect a buddy.
Later on when she was watching her other birthday present, the movie UP, and hubby asked her where Buzz was she got this panicky look on her face till she found him under the pillow. I started to worry that we were going to have a new obsession and she would never put him down until the castle came. My sister got her this adorable pink castle. It has a horsey, a little section where the prince and princess can dance and tables, chairs and beds. Buzz was banished. Hubby tried to make him the guard, or knight, but the child said no! He can't come in!
Score one for the girls.
I haven't made up my mind how I'll react when she chooses to call us by our first name but for the time being it seems she is playing it out with her toys. I just can't wait until she is serving Buzz tea in the princess castle, if the poor guy is ever allowed in.


  1. Ha! In high school I tried to start calling my parents by their 1st names. I think it lasted about 5 minutes, they told me in no uncertain terms that I was to call them mom and dad.

  2. I can't imagine calling my friends' parents by their first name, much less my own parents. So I think you're good. And isn't there room for both Buzz and a Pink Castle in Kaiya's world?

  3. @ Fae, dunno she actually came up with that girls only thing all on her own. I have to admit I am enjoying it a bit. You see, she is raised by a BOY who loves putting her in army clothes and giving her trucks to play with all the time so I think she needs some pink and purple princess to balance it.


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