Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day!

In case you missed last year's Valentine's re-cap you can click on this sentence and get all caught up. At least I didn't repost it, but I thought seriously about it. So I've had the hardest time thinking about what to do for hubby this year for Valentine's day. I think because if I could figure out how to rope the moon and bring it down for him, I would. Everything else just seems like it would be too small for my man. Of course the problem is as the day was fast approaching even something would be better than nothing, right?
The truth is, he does so much. Not just for the kids, or by staying home with them, though that is huge in and of itself, but for me as well. From little things like almost always getting me little treats when he makes grocery store runs to big things like helping me through some deep, painful things like getting over losing friends way too soon and fretting about a mother sick with cancer.
But that is just like icing on this cake, this cake that seems like it was made just for me. You see, several years ago, I was 22 years old and starting to feel like an old lady. I'll pause for a moment so you can throw something at the computer or laugh at me. I had graduated college, well, mostly, and was spending the summer in Mexico helping out at a church-camp. We spent the whole summer just cooking and cleaning for the staff there. The idea was to learn about service. It was my last chance to go on a trip like that since I would soon be applying to get a real job and would not have the leisure of having a couple of months to just basically hang out in Mexico and stuff. A couple of my friends had just gotten married which was helping to add to the old-maid feeling I had. Towards the end of the trip we were having an extended prayer time where we were supposed to just go off by ourself and think for a bit. Of course the only thing on my mind was when was I EVER going to get married? There I floated, out in the middle of the ocean, and I felt like God basically told me to chill. That I would get married. First I had to do this career thing for a bit. So over the next couple of years I did dive into my new career and do my best to learn it inside and out. Then came a year where I decided, OK, career is plugging along it is high-time I find a husband now, thank you! So thus embarked half a year of ups and downs, but mostly downs. Then I met him. The first time I saw my husband my heart did this little leap. I had to do my best to hide how excited I was because I knew. I knew he was the one from the moment I saw him. And it was like all the little things that I like, from green eyes to his manly face, were just what I wanted. Like God is the Cake Boss and when he is going to give you a cake, we're not just talking some square thing with chocolate frosting. Oh no! You want a helicopter? Well here ya go, it even flies! It was like that, like he was the perfect piece to my life. And it helps that he makes some pretty good-looking babies as well.
My husband was the best gift anyone ever gave me, and just like the gifts God gives he was given at just the right time for me. Though I had thought it needed to be, like say, three years earlier, who am I that I think I know better? I don't know what your situation is, friend, if you are with the love of your life or are still looking. But I know that He gives very, very good gifts. Way better than a divine box of chocolates. And my wish for you is that you have love this season, from friends, from family, but most of all from Him.

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