Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A near miss

Remember how I was trying to be intentional about kindness and what not? Well when I was driving home from lunch and thinking about my kid and why she was so quiet that day I saw a one-legged homeless woman and my heart just broke for her. I mean, man alive, that has got to be rough right? But I am a firm believer in not giving homeless people cold, hard cash. Call me skeptical if you want but I really don't want to think that money I could have given to my church, or to help orphans or something is just going to buy alcohol and make the problem worse. So I thought about what I had that I could give and by the time I realized I had one of those handy-dandy pop cans of green peas left over from my lunch the light was already green and it being a highway I had to get going. It frustrated me so much that I left the can in the car in the hopes that I would get a second opportunity. I figured the weather would be the usual lovely 60 or 70 degrees but then of course it froze and we had a rare snow. Oh well. Guess I'll de-thaw the frozen peas and try to figure out some practical way to try and give that is planned a little bit.
The very next day guess what happened? It was like God gift-wrapped a homeless person and delivered him to my front door practically. I was rushing Kaiya out the door so we could get to our daddy day out day (that's a whole other post) when lo and behold there was a homeless person going through the recycling bins and fishing out cans. What do you think my first thought was? If you guessed: Oh thank you for this wonderful opportunity to give! You are dead wrong. It was: Ack! He must be about to break into stuff, I mean, he's obviously a thief! I better stand here and glare at him so he knows I'm watching!
I took about two steps and it was like I could almost feel the heavenly hand whomp me upside the head. Poor God. I really do feel for him. I mean, I have a stubborn toddler but I have the hope that she will grow up and I've only been dealing with her for three years. He's been dealing with me now for thirty years and it must be getting old. Once the light-bulb went off I raced back in the house and grabbed some cans of spaghetteos. The homeless guy was a block away now so I had hubby chase him down. Later he told me, honey, you should have seen how grateful the poor guy was! Well of course he was, and I have a feeling if I would just open my eyes a bit wider and change my heart to be a bit kinder I might just see more people who need love.

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