Monday, February 1, 2010

Teaching brother how to talk.

Baby CJ sits bouncing on my knee. Ok. He doesn't quite sit yet, but he is awful darn close. Kaiya was busing playing with a train on the floor in front of him. I started saying the word "train" over and over to CJ, in the hopes that you know, he would spontaneously start talking and I could put him on you tube and make a killing. It occurred to me though that if I was going to start teaching him words I should start with the most important word in the whole wide world: mama. So I started saying 'mama' over and over again. Kaiya, who has been opening and closing 'gates' for her train to go through, by raising a cerel box and living a toy handle- where does she come up with this stuff??-- when she pauses and says, rather boistrously, MAMA!
Yes. Very good. A+++ for you baby girl, now teach brother how to say it. So she came over to him, in all seriousness, patted him on the knee and said very ernestly, right in his face: MAMA! The kid jumped back a little, blinked, and looked up at me like: mom, is this the rest of my life? Yup. Sure is.


Got any random bits of your own?