Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Guess who is three? Guess which fabulous little person, whom I love so much and have a blast getting to know a little more each day, is turning three today?
When it was Hubby's birthday about a month ago we kept telling her that it was his "happy" day. I think we initially told her that it was his birthday but somehow that and 'happy birthday!' got shortened to calling birthdays that person's 'happy day.' She of course got all excited then, and wanted to know when her happy day was. I am sincerely hoping it is a happy day for her. She is such a sweet-spirited kid. She loves to hold her brother and you can tell she almost can't wait until he's big enough to play with. She loves to help with him, she'll squeal and run to get a diaper, which can be quite nice when say you have poo all over you and are hoping to get it off as quick as possible. Kaiya absolutely loves church. All week long she talks about it and literally runs to the doors as fast as she can. She loves her cats, though admittedly has to torture them on occasion. When we had to give some kittens away she was heart-broken but seemed to trust us that they would be ok. It was like she was mothering them already. Chickens, however, she seems to care less about. She likes them and all but when they died she hardly batted an eye. Above all she did great this year learning how to be gentle. First with mommy and the baby in mommy's belly and then with said baby once it was out. (The cats would likely want to debate this point.) Her imagination has taken off and she will often hold conversations with herself. Sometimes she fills in the other half of the conversation, like "Alice, what did you do?" Alice is the cat. She meowed back.
I could go on forever about how wonderful my kid is. I can't wait to get to know my little princess more and see the beautiful woman she will be someday. Happy birthday honey, I love you. It is your HAPPY DAY!


Got any random bits of your own?