Friday, February 5, 2010

Tutus and rock metal

Boys are different then girls, lets just get that out there. Daddies are different then mommies. This mommy, in particular, would never desire to pull up a death-metal video on You Tube and dance (if it can be called that) with her daughter. Daddies do boy stuff. They just can't help it. Have you seen the commercial about the little girl who wants to play tea with her daddy and big brother and bribes them with popcorn? That girl seems to have a deep understanding of men if you ask me. I love the final shot: two huge guys in tutus and tiaras sitting at her tea table devouring the popcorn as she serves them more pretend tea. Kaiya loves thrashing around like she's being Tasered to a man making noises men should never make. (Or women... have you heard female death-metal, it's like a brand of screeching that I didn't know was humanly possible.)
But my baby girl also loves something else: pretty dresses. She loves pretty dresses so much she usually wants to sleep in one. As long as she wears pants and a sweatshirt over it if its cold we usually let her. Cause, why not? You're only three once. The last few days she's been wandering around the house in a fairy costume. It has a green tutu at the bottom and a giant emblem of Tinkerbell. So there she was. Rocking out in her Tink tutu.


  1. My daughter loves shoes and most of the time she sleeps in them.

    Okay Momma, if I don't hear from you in the next couple of days as to what ring size you want, I'm just gonna guess.

  2. Every fairy should be a rocker. Read some Francesca Lia Block. My husband's BFF's daughter is the same way. She's a hard core rocking princess.


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