Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby memories

The noise in this living room right now is about the sound of a freight train passing. This is normal. And it makes it a bit hard to write. So I decided to pull out an oldie from one of my journals. This is dated 3-28-07 which would be just about a month after Kaiya was born. What is funny to me is that as I read it I now think it about CJ who is swiftly working his way through his baby stage.
I want to memorize everything about her before it grows, changes.
Like her liddle foot. God it's adorable.
And I love to hold her calf in my hand when she's feeding.
To smell the top of her head.
And playing with her? Wow is that fun!
She's so tiny and sweet.
How can I remember it all? Record it?
Store it up in my heart?
To only remember the sounds she makes now.
She deserves so much better than I but I am so glad she's mine and I get to try.

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  1. Oh, this is lovely! I would have given anything to be able to bottle the sweet smell of baby!


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