Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Hi-Five

Remember these? I make no promises to be consistent on here and the truth is lately I haven't been able to get this wandering mind to come up with five things that are related to each other but this morning I thought I'd give it a shot.

My five favorite things about having a baby.

1. How cuddly they are. One of the most satisfying things for me is when baby CJ does the koala bear hold on my arm when I hold him. Sigh.

2. How open they make other people towards you. Maybe you don't live in a city and don't experience this that much, and it's not like I live in some huge one and am starved for human contact, but ever since CJ came along I find myself getting into random conversations and having some sweet moments with complete strangers. There is something about CJ that draws people to him, and I know you probably don't believe me and think I'm just saying that since I'm his mother but honestly it's true. I really noticed it when we got his x-ray the other day because there were like four other babies in the waiting room too but everyone kept coming up to him and saying how cute and happy he was. It's like they are little bits of joy personified. Sometimes.

3. When they start making little sounds and "talking" but, and this is a big but, I also somewhat enjoy that they can't quite talk BACK to you yet since that is oh so much fun to have a tiny person you had come out of you talk to you like you're their personal servant.

4. Watching the ridiculously fast progression of their growth. Like now. He just realized as he lays here on me that he has a hand and he came move his fingers. Seeing that little: oh, that's cool. Look on his face is priceless.

5. With this second baby I have really enjoyed watching how the first baby reacts to him. Kaiya has been so good, and I realize we are blessed with that and that not all toddlers have the easiest time with having a new one in the house. The way they look at each other melts my heart and I just keep praying that they will be close and support each other their whole lives.


  1. How sweet! Makes me just want to go grab my baby and cuddle!!

  2. I totally remember when you used to do Hi-Fives regularly.

    You are making my ovaries ache. Thanks a lot.


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