Monday, March 22, 2010

The Leg Hug

Can I just say that I am a huge fan of the leg hug? I have noticed there are different variations of this form of affection, and even that sometimes it is used more as protection. The first one is:

1. The scared leg-hug. This is when a child runs to home base, either mommy or daddy- perhaps a nanny or a close family member- and clings to their leg for dear life. They then peek out to see if you can see them hovering behind the person's leg and seriously hoping you will go away.

2. The happy leg-hug. This one is usually done with a significant amount of force and can bowl you over if the receiver isn't careful. The small child likely would have jumped up in your arms if they could have since they are so happy to see you but as all they can reach is your leg it will have to do. It is hard not grin when you receive one of these.

3. The clinger leg-hug. This is when the child will not let go. Sometimes it's like a game, and you want to play. So you take big exaggerated steps around the house and pretend you are a giant monster or what-not. Other times it is annoying and it takes all the self control not to shake them off. My advice: scoop them up and give them a real hug they are clinging to you for a reason. Just be careful if you are doing the big steps to not step on them. Tends to ruin it.

4. The monkey leg-hug. This is when the child realizes that the leg is attached to the rest of you and they may as well climb up it. I hope you have a stronger back than I as when Kaiya starts this one I usually have to flop down on a bed and cry "uncle!"

5. The affectionate leg-hug. This is when they come up to you gently and start stroking your leg as they hug it. They likely want a real hug and are wanting to cuddle for a bit. These are by far my favorite, though the happy ones are a super close second.

If you got a little one around I hope you enjoy your leg hugs. I mean it has to end sometime right? I'm gonna enjoy mine while I can get 'em!

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