Friday, March 26, 2010

Let's cheer!

I think my daughter is a cheerleader at heart. Which is funny because I threw a fit in order to not have to be a cheerleader. But that's another post. Suffice it to say: your kids will challenge you. What I find hard to do she does with ease. What cracks me up about her love for encouragement is in her mind, anything she gets encouraged for we should to. You went poopy mommy? Oh! Good Job! She then starts clapping. This can be a little disconcerting while you are trying to take care of business. The other day I got a cheer for coming home from work. I shrugged and thought, well this is what I wanted to do anyway! Still it was pretty cute as she started clapping for me and her eyes went all squinty.

As she staggers out into independence we still go beserk when she learns how to do something on her own for the first time. So she responds in kind. Not knowing that we have been able to dress ourselves for quite a while, to her it is a big deal so she cheers. And you know, it really does make the day better. You got up this morning big girl (or boy) good job! (By the way, don't get all offended at the adjective "big" like I do, it just means independent you know. Not rolling around in fat.) You only had one cup of coffee today- way to go!! You didn't tell your boss to stick it where the sun don't shine when he gave you more work before 9am, awesome! What do you say folks? Let's cheer about life's little victories today!

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  1. Your daughter a cheerleader! I think that is awesome, and totally deserved (as I am sure your mom would agree :) ).

    She is adorable!


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