Thursday, March 4, 2010

One, two, three, nine nine nine...

Our mantra for the last six months has been: use your words. And it seems to have paid off as she babbles quite a bit now, the problem is we just don't always understand her. It also seems that sometimes things mean something more to her, or come to be a phrase she uses for several different things. Take, for instance, the way she counts. It usually goes: One, two, three... nine! Try as I might I can't get her to say four, five, six or anything besides her four favorite numbers. She seems to be understanding that numbers mean things, and that numbers are used for a variety of situations. One in particular is clothing. If something doesn't fit she starts saying: two, nine, nine, NINE!!! Then she gets more frustrated when we don't react. Honestly. What does that mean??? Eventually, through a process of elimination, we realized it most likely means she thinks that clothing item is too small or doesn't like it for some reason. But just as soon as I figured that out she starts saying two, nine, nine for everything else as well. Does that mean she is like: oh well that lil' bit of lingo works pretty well, so why don't I expand the meaning to enhance the value of this phrase? Or is it just laziness? I am thinking we have to say: use the right words! Instead of just, use your words. Her vocabulary is stunning me, each day it seems she learns like ten new ones and she can't stop talking. She talks to Buzz Lightyear. To her castle. To the cats. To the fishes. And of course to baby brother. I think she will have a mini stroke when he finally talks back to her and she realizes she'll have this tiny person to babble at who will babble right back. I'm a little worried they'll make up their own language and all I'll here is: two nine, nine nine! Break! And wonder if they are coming for us. My parents used to say they got really close to each other once my twin and I came along and suddenly they were outnumbered by kiddos. I understand that now, it seems like the playing field should be even if I am only going to be catching every third word for the next several years.


Got any random bits of your own?