Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A parable on being bad, ala Farmville

I learned something about myself this Lent, and about how I can so easily slip into doing what I don't want to do. Last Lent I tried to give up worry. Since my paltry attempts were so pathetic I just gave up. Scuffed it off as an impossible task for me at the moment, though lately I had this realization that worry is basically the opposite of prayer. So, instead of worrying about something I should just pray about it. We'll see if this does the trick. For this Lent I tried, and still am trying, barely, to give up Farmville. I of course allowed myself this little caveat that turned out to be a dangerous caveat. I decided that I could still accept gifts since they expire after two weeks and well Lent is f-o-r-t-y long days people. I was doing pretty good in spite of this. I managed to just click on the gifts and only occasionally was tempted to click on my buildings in my city game but for the most part left the farm alone. Then the gold came. Shiny fantastic gold. In fact, a free cauldron came with it. There's a lesson there, I'm sure of it. Beware of cauldrons. Just like with the Valentines you could trade in your gold for fun stuff like cool animals and other knick knacks. I decided to save up for the big whopper though. The Eiffel tower. Who on Earth needs an Eiffel tower on their farm you ask? Well I do my friend. I could only imagine what the Leprochaun version of an Eiffel tower would be. Stonehenge? Is that the right country? Right continent? Did I mention I made a D in geography? Whatever it was I simply had to have it. So I started gathering up more gold. Then I realized my gifts were full so of course I had to unload them. Then I realized I might as well click on some of the animal and trees, all sneaky like you see so no one would really notice but just so it was um, tidy. Then I just couldn't resist clicking on the "Arborist". This little fantastic person harvested all my trees for me. Hundreds of them. Ooops. No hiding that. Well shoot, I may as well harvest most of my animals too since my lack of observing Lent is all out there and what not. Then I decided why not go for the gold, (get it... gold?) and start planting too. Oh why not, right? Hubby had fun teasing me of course and it sort of sunk in a bit but then when I told a friend at church, only a little bit guiltily, it sunk in further. Then it occurred to me: if the point was to focus on Jesus why don't I make that my goal rather than pouting about what I can't have? It also occurred to me that this little pattern is probably more common than I care to acknowledge. It starts of sneaky and I am usually able to justify my being bad in a hundred different ways. Until I've gone for broke and then it just makes me sad. So I am going to try very hard to round out these last few weeks without giving up and playing my games but rather by spending the extra time worshiping a sweet God who loves us even when we are bad.

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  1. oh, you heathen... you made the baby jesus (all sweet 9lb 8 oz cuddly, swaddled in clothes and laying in a manger baby jesus) cry....


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