Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Baby boy tends to be a puker. True to form since big sis never really threw up much, and still hasn't really which is sort of odd, he throws up just about every day. And about once a week it seems to be good ol' fashioned exorcist puke. As in a big stream of it flying across the room. Every time he gets sick he pukes too and as he gets bigger it seems to bother him more, unlike the usual baby spit-up that he hardly notices. Now since Kaiya has yet to throw up I haven't had to learn how to get a small child to puke somewhere. With a baby it seems even more impossible. I mean, what do you do? Follow them around with a bucket? Luckily he hasn't thrown up over anything that can't be cleaned up fairly easily but as the rate he's going I think we ought to come up with a plan. I am thinking maybe of draping everything in plastic for the next ten years or so. Of course I don't want him trying to eat the plastic and he is still in that everything-must-go-in-my-mouth stage. Another thought is maybe I can duct-tape a bunch of Tupperware bowels to him and that way in whichever direction he chooses to yak we are covered. That would make holding him difficult though. I guess until we figure out a better plan we will just keep a towel handy ready to mop up whatever he happens to hit. I have tried aiming him into the towel but that doesn't really work since he tends to flop around in completely unpredictable directions. Anyone that had pukey babies have some suggestions?


  1. My daughters all had reflux. My oldest threw up so much that she was a failure to thrive. We bought TONS of those plastic backed bibs which would catch the throw up and not stain her outfit. We also bought tons fo washable diapers and wore them ourselves at all times. They really help clean up once the vomiting has happened. Other then that we sat them up in highchairs and bouncy seats most of the time to limit the stomach acids from building up. I hope that this all helps Court... He is a cutie!

  2. Interesting title you gave this one inasmuch as the U S Senate is currently holding a Vote-a-rama as Republicans throw up a bunch of amendments to the health care legislation just passed. But it's closer to a Puke-a -rama.


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