Saturday, March 6, 2010

Radiation madness

You know that feeling when things finally start to settle and, maybe this is just me that does this, but you start looking around waiting for the other shoe to drop? I was feeling that now that my work schedule was returning to a more normal one, Kaiya is finally potty-trained and even making it through the night sometimes without wetting the bed, and CJ was mostly over his cough/cold/icky thing. We went in for CJ's four month appointment, a bit late because we got off schedule at his two month when we decided to switch doctors, and all was normal until the doctor said something slightly scary. You know that thing they do where they move the little baby legs around in circles? Apparently they are actually doing something besides just pissing the parents off. They are listening for "clicking" because little babies hips can grow or get out of place. So the doc thought she heard clicking and said we needed to take him in to get x-rayed. Not exactly how you want to start your week. So I frantically made the appointment, drove home since I had taken the car that morning, and off we went. When I checked in at the desk I nervously asked the receptionist if there was covering they had for his little boy parts because I wanted grandchildren. She laughed at me and said: well, good luck, mine is 31 and I still haven't seen grandchildren. Then she started muttering darkly to herself. I held baby CJ down and again had asked about a cover for him (and for me, so the poor kid wouldn't be also drinking radiated milk) and when she brought out the tiny little shield my thought was: oh no hun, you need a much bigger one than that for my BOY! When I told Hubby that he called dibs on posting it on Facebook. I then managed to wait about an hour and a half before I called the doctors' office to hear the results and thank the good Lord his hips are all OK. I might have lost about three years of my life to worry but at least the boy will not have to wear a little harness. Hubby keeps saying lines from Forrest Gump like: my mama says I has to wear magic shoes... Sheesh. Sadly I have the feeling this is just the first of many Xrays for the kid as already we can tell he is very daring and wants to catch up to big sis as fast as he can. Eeeeeee!


  1. Well, sorry you had a scare but so glad to read that all is well!

  2. Court,
    I cracked up reading this!! Seriously, could hear your voice in my head!! (that part was a little scary)

    Glad everything is ok, though!!

  3. I'm so glad that everything is all right! Sometimes it seems like motherhood is just one terrifying moment after another, doesn't it?


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