Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Saturday dodging Sadists.

A few Saturdays ago we went to a birthday party. I have a confession in that I was going to steal this person's birthday idea since they did it last year but then I saw they were having an encore of it and I was like. Oh. Well. We have this fabulous park that has a little minature train that runs through part of it and you can go on rides. Since Kaiya loves trains we were thinking this would be a perfect event for her. I had never been there before but had heard how much she loved it. Unfortunately it was like this fantastically gorgeous day after several weeks of muck and cold so people, I mean all the people, in the whole city were at this park. So it was a bit too crowded for the train but we still had a blast.
Wait. Scratch that. Kaiya had a blast while her momma ran around like a chicken with her head cut off. You see the playground at this fabulous park was build by a sadistic child-hating person. Or a pedophile. Those are the same anyway. It had elaborate mazes of tunnels up above, of course teeny-tiny so only children could crawl through them so over-paranoid-hovering parents (ring ring kettle you're black!!) could not follow them if they wanted to and the maze of tubes and bridges ran over the tracks and across different sections. So if you were trying to frantically follow your kid down below there were times you would have to sprint because in .0375 seconds flat your kid had managed to get half a mile away from you and was out there floating adrift among the rift-raft of the world. I may just be slightly exaggerating but seriously, not by much. After I had all the mini heart attacks I could stand for one day I realized I had to go to work so off we went. Her kicking and screaming and me practically skipping for joy. The one time she did settle down was when she found this old fire-truck that was put on the playground. She loved it. I loved it too because it was the only time the whole day she was seated and I could easily fend of the perves.
As for the party, belated party, I have given up. We did have a little family thing and well, that will just have to do for this year. Hopefully next year we can plan a little something and I'll work on not feeling guilty because she sure doesn't care!

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  1. Ha. I often wondered about some of those elaborate playground/maze things before I had a child. Now I fear them...


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