Monday, March 29, 2010

Talking to the TV

I don't think I realized that talking to the TV can be such a valuable skill in today's cartoon society. So many kid shows ask kids questions and then wait for an answer. Like Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer or Elmo. I always thought it was kind of awkward and wondered why they did it. That was because my kid was a little too little still to 'get it.' So since she didn't get it, neither did I. Then we watched a show when she was old enough to start talking back to the characters. Suddenly I realized how much fun it is to watch your three year old have an earnest conversation with Dora and her expecting Dora, in all seriousness, to talk back to her. It was adorable. And maybe I liked that it was longer me shouting "a clue a clue!" to the tv all by myself.


  1. Oh that is cute. I was always a bit weirded out by the pauses too.

  2. That's awesome. Right now I still find it awkwward.


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