Sunday, March 14, 2010

Toddler boot camp?

Can someone please tell me where I ship my kid to get her to stop oh, I don't know, maybe pulling Sunday school teachers' hair out? Or screaming in the face of some two year old and almost making the kid bawl? I'd really love to know how to get her to stop putting food in her mouth and keeping it there for 45 minutes. Then spitting it out. All over herself, me and the table at church. Oh did I mention this was, again, at church? And that when this happened I had been stupid enough to sit down at the table where the pastor was so I couldn't "snatch her bald-headed" as my momma used to say?
The up side to all this bad behavior is I learned she really does remember things longer than I thought she did and so when she was told she would get no treats for the next day because she spit all her food out she actually understood and lo and behold the child devoured her meal the next night.
There's hope right? The fact that she has decided to go back to diapers after she was fully potty trained for like a whole month will just be temporary right? Until then I will have little day dreams of some minature drill sergeant standing over her making her do push-ups. I may not win mother of the year, oh well.


  1. She's testing you and the electric fences. So it's a phase. Hold the line, mama, hold the line. And good luck!

  2. i will say this, despite the "testing of fences" our daughter exhibits a desire to be pleasing and obedient which can definitely be said to come from her mother. However, in my crazy flippancy i wanna egg her on to peeing on the fence, that'll learn her... joking


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