Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was flipping through my journal the other day, you know, the thing I used to write in before they invented blogs? What amazes me is seeing the patterns that emerge, and how patient God is with me. I came across some bits about Kaiya's brief NICU stay and it got me thinking about CJ's as well. I remember with Kaiya that at first I was absolutely berserk with the thought something could be wrong with her. Some of that was that I had gotten off on my medication and the pain spiked to a ridiculous high right when they came to explain she would need to be monitored for a few days for a fever. When we first went up there it was so alarming, all of the bells and whistles attached to tiny little things. Little guys and gals fighting for their lives. It was hard not to fight the lump in your throat down. Once she was settled I realized she was basically getting a bandaid while others were having surgery. We started praying for other parents and got to know one couple. I remember the moment they entered, the young mother was sobbing. Hubby later met the husband and learned that their first child had passed away shortly after birth and this one had fluid in his lungs. He looked so frail with huge tubes sticking down. I silently thanked God for how lucky we were that Kaiya just had a fever. I prayed and prayed. In the two short days that we were up there the little baby started doing remarkably well. Three years later CJ was admitted to the NICU with fluid in his lungs. I don't think I could have made it through without our little "tour" so to speak three years prior. It was like we needed to go through the one in order to make it through the other. Like doing warm-ups before the big game. Let's just hope I have that attitude next time I'm getting "stretched" eh?

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