Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mama your baby or meow!!

Bob Parker likely would not be a fan of ours. Our cat had kittens again. This time three of 'em. They are so precious. Even more precious is the dutiful mama who is ever-attentive to them. Little baby CJ is being a bit of a handful lately and has taken to some dramatic fits. During one particular fit after we had tried to feed him, burp him, checked his diaper and then walked with him we finally had given up and I was sitting holding him as he screamed. Our cat came over. Looked earnestly at him and then glared at me. If she could have talked I have a feeling it would have been something along the line of: listen here woman, I have three to take care of the least you can do is take care of your one! We both laughed and baby CJ stopped crying long enough to see what was going on. The cat sauntered off victorious.
Kaiya can't wait to hold them and we are trying to be better about not holding them yet either and waiting until they get big enough. But the tiny mews they make are so precious it does make it hard!


  1. Hey Court... It has been a while. I am sorry to hear that the baby has been a handful. I remember those days and truly would never like to go back.
    As far as the kitten thing... I cannot lecture you on how you should get her fixed. I still have not gotten my 1 year old cat fixed. She is an indoor cat but she gets out sometimes. I love kittens but I really am thinking it would not be fun to deal with them adopting them out. You have inspired me to get the cat and maybe myself fixed... lol... Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Can't believe your parenting skills were judged by a cat!


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