Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Outwitted by a toddler

Every try to outwit your kids only to get outwitted and look like a dimwit? No? Just me? Ok then... So Kaiya hates her bedroom. Not quite sure why but think she would rather cosleep with us until she goes off to college. We feel we owe it to her future roommate to try and break this pattern before then. The child will say things like: mean guys in my room! We gave her "mean guy" spray (Thanks JM for that idea!) and she would hose down her room and still claim there were plenty of mean guys to go around. Now Kaiya's favorite room to sleep in is mommy's room and she has tried telling us that the mean guys are only in her room and not mommy's. Convenient. We tried telling her that they weren't but fighting invisible enemies is pretty hard. So we used the invisible good guy of course, Jesus. I'm not so sure Jesus likes being used like this but I'll guess we'll find that out someday. We'd tell her that Jesus would keep her safe. She would literally, I kid you not, start looking around for him. Makes sense I guess. I mean, I guess she wanted to make sure he was big enough to take on the mean guys by himself. I told her: Jesus keep you safe in here tonight Kaiya! And you know what she said? She pointed to my room and said: Jesus keep me safe in there!
How do you argue that? Luckily I was saved by the baby. He usually interrupts our bedtime routine because he needs to start his own so off I went to nurse him while she wailed in her bedroom. Luckily we were all tired out from a holiday weekend that it didn't last too long this time.

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