Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some country air

We had a fabulous vacation this past weekend. So good in fact it will be a bit hard to get back to work and regular life this week. The main thing we did was some fishin' and for some odd reason I started talking in an accent in my head. Even came home and put on some country garb on my virtual self in Yoville. Ah, the joys of modern life. I've only been fishing about three times in my life so I think it's safe to call me a beginner still and I was definitely struck with a good amount of luck. Kaiya and I caught the first fish, a huge bass, on her toddler sized Dora fishing pole. I must of caught ten more at least. The second day just about every time I cast I was getting a bite and even when I ran out of worms and started using goldfish crackers (seemed like a good idea at the time) I was still getting bites. Though I was only able to reel in about half of 'em. Other than watching out for snakes we had a nice secluded time. Though we learned that had a serial killer come a-knockin' we wouldn't of heard 'em. Some hunters who were using the land came to get the trailer and drove right past the house and we had no idea until the next morning when we saw them loading up! Luckily they were the same folks we saw at Thanksgiving so it wasn't that alarming. Yay vacation!! Boo work! (Ok, ok, just yay vacation...)

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