Monday, April 19, 2010


She squeals in delight as I finish tickling her. To fend her off, and because I need it, I draw her into a hug. I can feel her energy as she starts to pull away and I honestly need to have a short break before round two. So I hug her tighter and whisper in her ear: Stay. She wiggled out of course and said no mommy. I grabbed her back and said please stay. "Me can't stay mommy."
A few days later while watching a movie as she sat in my lap I held her again and whispered "stay." She turned to me and patted my arm. "No mommy, me go." She looked knowingly at me. And hugged me.
Years from now I will likely hold her in a driveway or a parking lot and try hard not to whisper stay so she can go off to college and step out on her own. Then the day that I have been praying for will come and she in her white dress will slip away from me and down an aisle to a boy. I may just whisper to myself, in the pew as I hold my love's hand, "stay."
No mommy. Me go.


  1. Yup, yup, yup. That's the cycle of life alright.


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