Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Guess what Tuesday is? Did you guess Tuesday Train day? Well then you're right! We had have had a total blast riding the train these last few weeks and it's been our special mommy-daughter time. I'll try to post pictures of the train-ride soon.
When we were passing by some very colorful graffiti I pointed it out to her and right as she turned and looked there was a giant graffiti Jesus. She squealed: "Look Mommy! Jesus!" Heads turned. Did I mention that this was the day there was a news camera, for some ungodly reason, on the train as well? I said, yes baby, it's a picture of Jesus. She then asked, in all seriousness, "Is Jesus on the train?" I said no. Then the baptist in me kicked in and I told her that Jesus was "sort of" on the train because he lives in our hearts. She looked down at her shirt. "In here?" "Yes Honey." "Oh. (giggle) Jesus is in my shirt?" I grinned. "Jesus is in my socks?" Uh... Then... wait for it...
"Jesus is in my panties?"

Um. No. Geeze. Where is this explained in those little four laws books???

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  1. Hilarious!! Read it out loud to Dan. Just out of curiosity, how many heads turned at that one?


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