Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two gals at the theater

I love the theater. My big sister used to live in one so we were frequently packed off to go see one of her shows. It never occurred to me that as my mother produced everything under the sun, from marshmallows to crayons that these items were carefully planned and packed to keep us quiet. When I was on the other end of it I had to carefully set out what I thought would keep her quietest. We had just gone to see my dad sing at their church and I had packed some cars that ended up being way too loud. That trial and error let me learn better toys though and so when I went to a production put on at my church I had repacked the bag for her. As it turned out I didn't really need it. Kaiya did so great, better in fact than most of the adults. She sat and listened to most of it and even when she did crawl down to play she was quiet as a mouse. At the intermission I still called hubby to come get her so that she could go to bed. The people in the row behind us marveled at how well she did. My favorite part though was when she pulled out a little box of floss that had mistakenly gotten packed (I think hubby thought it was a little stamp pad) and so she started flossing. In church. When I was telling him about it he laughed and said: well at least it kept her quiet right? Which was true.
I am hopeful that I have a little theater-goer to take with me now as to get hubby to go you have to resort to pulling off fingernails and that is just icky. Break a leg everyone!!


  1. I am surprised that Big Kev would eschew the world of theatre. Guess he needs explosions and car chases, huh?

  2. Good church and good dental hygiene. You can't beat that!

  3. I love the theater also... I wish I could have been in the theater but I have always been far too introverted. I would love it though. There is nothing better than singing and dancing. I think that you did great...


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