Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goodbye Lorelai and Runt

These last few months have been a bit of blur what with trips to see mom and the baby and three-year-old conspiring to never sleep at the same time (we swear they send some kind of electrical current to let the other know they need to wake up, as to take over the house, and it just might be working) so on top of everything else the new kittens have gone largely unnoticed by me which is sad. Since. Kittens! I felt a surge of remorse and spent as much time with them as I could the night before their new mommy came to get them. She named hers Lorelai. Which fits the fluffy white girly girl cat quite well. They also took the one we call the runt. But this time there were three. Yipee! So the little gray gal whose left is soaking up all of our kitten affections. I feel a bit bad for her mother. She sat there looking at her like: please nurse! I'm dying! This time we showed her the other two going away with the people as the last time she circled the house for a week looking for her kittens. Broke my heart. Speaking of breaking your heart, a great but absolutely awful movie for parents: Extraordinary Circumstances. Watch if you dare but have some Kleenex ready and be prepared to mutter "stupid pharmaceutical companies" to yourself for quite a while. Anyway. Enough rambling, I may be a bit remiss in posting for a week or so.


  1. awww kittens are so sweet. I couldn't bring myself to watch Extraordinary Circumstances... too sad.

  2. I got sad just thinking about the cat circling the house looking for her kitties.


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