Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kaiya's first wreck. In her driveway. Sheesh mommy.

So Kaiya (and CJ for that matter) had her first carwreck. Let's back up a bit. Mommy was all excited about the pool. Mommy had gotten the pool bag all packed up and ready to go and had just gotten the kids in the car. Mommy was about to go grab the pool bag, but since this is Texas she decided to turn the air conditioner on for the kids even though they'd only be in it a couple of minutes. This was a stupid idea. You see, we have a standard. So when I hit the clutch to turn the car on, while standing outside of it, I was a bit surprised when the car started going. Panic set in as it was lurched forward with my two precious angels in it, one of them, the three-year-old, started screaming. I lunged for the car with one thought: get the brake, get the brake. But the car was going so fast I didn't quite make it and was hanging in the frame of the door. I then had one thought: don't let go, don't let go. Images of being crunched by the car were flashing and at the end of the driveway the garage was fast approaching. I remember, right before we crashed into it, thinking: I may still have time to hit the brake. But. Bam! I did not have time. Unfortunately for me I was still in the doorjam of the car when the door collided with the frame of the garage and wedged me further. I could hear Kaiya screaming and I could feel the energy of the car pushing forward still and I realized I would be crushed by the car so I started screaming too. A neighbor came to the rescue! All I can say is, God is good, because this man had been chopping up wood all day with a saw and had in ear plugs but had just taken them out that moment. My husband who was picking up broken glass in our kitchen (accident one of the morning, a bottle had fallen down from the fridge and a shard cut my ankle. I should have stayed in bed today.) which was right by the driveway. Hubby said he couldn't believe he didn't hear the wreck but he heard me screaming for help. The two of them got the car pushed back enough so I could crawl loose and hit the brake finally. Amazingly I was not hurt that bad. Just a little bruised and sore. One toe got the brunt of it but the x-ray was all clear so I guess I don't have to cut it off. The scariest part was hearing Kaiya scream. Poor kid was pretty shook up. Luckily she was safe in her seat and so was her brother. He looked around at everyone like: OK, when are we getting to the pool. Kaiya said: the car needed to SLOW DOWN mommy! (We yell out slow down! to cars when they drive by our house to fast.) So other than a bruised toe and a bruised ego, a banged up car, garage and a few other items that were in the garage we are all OK.


  1. That's terrifying! I'm so glad you are all okay.

  2. Whoa I did miss that one. Yikes, but it will be funny to you in a few years...thank goodness nobody was hurt!


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