Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My BFF and older brother both listen to Pandora radio. I don't remember which one told me about it first but I sure am grateful to both because I think it's fantastic. With one minor exception. My brother warned me that no matter what you entered it would eventually start playing Hootie. He theorized that the founder and creator of it was in love with Hootie. I thought, surely not? Perhaps he is just exaggerating? I was sad to learn he wasn't. And even sadder because I am a closet Hootie fan. Closet because I have enough sense to know that you just shouldn't admit to something like that without a bit of shame. But I can't help myself. I mean.... "let her cry...." comes on the radio and I start bellowing it out at the top of my lungs. Hush you. You know you secretly love Hootie too. Give it a shot, I betcha you'll love it!


  1. Closet Hootie lover!!! You made me smile.

  2. Pandora is great!! I've never noticed the Hootie thing before...probably just because I couldn't hear it over my singing!! Shame? What shame??


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