Sunday, June 6, 2010


The other day I started to ask this 91-year-old lady if she had a cell-phone. I stopped short of asking, mainly because I didn't have the energy to shout another sentence. And I answered my own question. What is amazing to me about our computer generation is that even though our great grandparents are likely not going to jump on the bandwagon and are quite content to have their grandchildren print out the pictures that got emailed and what not, some of our grandparents have gone ahead and gotten online. Most of our parents are, in one form or another. I was watching my mentee play games online the other day and realized this "you tube" generation has only ever known the computer. She was able to click open the web browser and type in a half dozen game website (from memory) in about two minutes flat. It was sort of scary and amazing. I think we will start to see a whole different element to interpersonal relationships too. There is something so casual about chatting online that it can be easy to forgo formalities. If you communicate 70% of your time that way than it can be easy to drop formalities the other thirty percent as well. I once saw this fascinating video about Generation Y coming up into the workforce and how they blended with Generation X and Baby Boomers in their own way. Makes sense of course, we are the product of our generation by in large, but it also makes me have a tremendous amount of respect for those much older than me. I find it hard to relate to those just a few years younger sometimes, and they seem like from such different worlds and they are only one generation removed. I'm sure there's at least one 60 year old out there laughing at me wondering what in the heck I'm even writing this for. Life changes and we all adapt I guess.

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