Tuesday, June 29, 2010

S...l... o... w... on the uptake.

My little girl is a spitting image of me. This is true of our personalities too, or so it seems thus far. The nice thing about having one just like me is I can stop for a moment and think what I would be thinking and sometimes figure out how to communicate better with her. For example I have a sneaking suspicion she's a bit of a slow processor like her mamma. Now, as Hubby says, there is slow and then there is slow-as-molasses-going-up-a-tree-in-January slow. He seems to think I'm that kind when it comes to processing through emotions and how I feel about things. Sadly he's probably right. In fact we were just talking about processing things the other day and I was all excited because I had finally worked through something. He just blinked at me and said, with no small amount of exasperation in his voice, "that was five years ago!"
So when Kaiya was a bit bossy to another little girl I wasn't all that surprised that three hours later, at home, she came to the realization that she was the one who needed to apologize and not the other girl. She's only three so I wouldn't expect her to remember to apologize the next time she saw the girl and I've found it's better just to deal with it right then rather than wait. Our solution has been to make a card. We did this once before when she pulled her Sunday school teacher's hair, much to my horror. I usually let her pick how she'll pretty it up with stamps and crayons etc and then I have her tell me what she wants to say to the person. Usually I have to try and make it make sense, but I guess maybe it would be funner if I just wrote what she said. Like the most recent card she said: "me go to pool with you!" And that was her apology. Which for little kids, I guess it'll do.


  1. Am I evil because I laughed at the image of her pulling her Sunday school teacher's hair?

    Hope you guys have a Happy 4th!

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