Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer fun.

Sorry I've been a bit remiss in posting lately. We have had to take the usual three weeks or so to adjust to the frenzy that is summer. Plus this past week was our church's version of 'Vacation Bible School.' But because we are a hippy-green church we call it 'Neighborhood Bible School,' the idea being that instead of having screaming pre-pubescents, Kool-Aid and a lot of really hyper music screeching 'JESUS LOVES YOU' in a church basement we have it in people's front yards or at parks. That way the screaming children hopped up on Kool-Aid and bouncing around like Jesus freaks can be heard by all. Sadly I didn't get to help that much as I was getting off work around the time it was getting started and usually by the time I made it there it was time to take the fussy baby home. But some of my favorite moments were the water-balloon fight. Mainly because my dear hubby and the other dear hubby's were, um, having an all-out war. I should probably mention here that the average age for our group is about six. So imagine if you will a bunch of little tykes trotting around haphazardly with a water-balloon in their hand and then five burly men hurling water balloons at about seventy-miles-per-hour at each other. Nothing shows Jesus' love like smacking a child in the face with water, I say.
My other favorite moment was when the poor young man who had the daunting task of teaching the gospel lesson each night and he was right at the climax when my beautiful baby girl answered his question. You see he was pointing to a picture of Jesus and he asked if anyone knew who he was. Kaiya stood up and said "Yup. Him died. ...babble babble babble... then he rubbed my belly.... more babble... and my mommy!... (she turns at me and smiles)... much more babble...." At this point everyone is looking at me. I am busy fishing a leaf, a rock, and a twig out of the baby's mouth. The leader asked me if I could translate. Not wanting to say that all I got was: "Jesus died and he rubbed my belly" I lied and said I couldn't hear her.
The super fun week ended with our usual church carnival in which the magic balloon guy came again and did more magic balloon stuff. Now, you might be thinking: balloons? Lame! Well you know those little dogs people make? This guy could make one with a top-hat, a red coat and riding a bicycle. The first night he came he did this thing where he had a key and somehow took it apart to make a cross and a heart. Kaiya ended up with the heart and when I tucked her in that night she asked for the balloon and clutched it to her little chest. If I hadn't been too tired to blink I might have found the camera and captured it but alas, I barely escaped her room before slipping into a semi-coma for the night. Hope you're having a blast this summer!


  1. I am co-in-charge this year of the traditional VBS. We are stealing your idea for next year.

    And would that balloon guy travel??

    Adorable, she is just adorable.

  2. He does, we fly him in each year!


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